Does Owning A Motorcycle Cost Close To Owning A Gas-Guzzler?

The answer lies on whether you’re up for the challenge of owning a two-wheel drive or not. With feasibility, a motorcycle can easily compare to your everyday station wagon but with its added perks: it’s a little less heavy on the pocket. Motorbikes are cheap to fix, park, avoid traffic and the ever frightening word: petrol. Budget-wise and practicability, it’s a recommended mode of transportation that can get you to places exactly like a car can. 
Sure it has its cons with the higher percentage of danger you are compared to if you’re holed inside a motorcar, and the wet weather riding, but it has some perks of its own. For example: protective gear. Though it is true that you have to factor this in your budget, it’s not a question of whether sporting a leather jacket doesn’t make you look ten times cooler, because, it really does.
And like a car, motorcycles have also a wide range of harley custom mirrors for you to choose from. Heated grips, headlights, air hawk seats, the innovative ixil motorcycle exhausts, tech-friendly motorcycle alarms, and a heaps more of et ceteras. Bikes are a great mode of transportation that are worth it in the long-shot.
Similar to the popular f800gs-model bikes, bmw r1200gs accessories are designed and engineered specifically for your model-bike that have been thoroughly tested exactly to the manufacturer’s stringent quality specifications so investing on an r1200gs or a 250-6500cc cruiser for the short-on-the-money buyers is worth investing in.
Some other cons for the inner biker in you should also be taken into account. Never underestimate  the days where you can be emotionally-strained and physically tired. And having to wear and cart a helmet and leather can be quite annoying and fuel the fire to your already combustible emotions. In saying this, a motorcycle crash can hurt the pocket as much as (and even more) a car crash.
Maintenance is key to avoiding the bigger crash costs but even maintenance and servicing Harley Davidson throttle idle cables doesn’t come cheap either, unless you’re ready to get your hands dirty yourself. And insurance can also be quite costly, so make sure you read up on the comparative deals available with that.
Owning a motorcycle also requires mechanical knowledge as sending your faulty bike to a mechanic can also add a bit of weight on the hip-pocket. Chains and sprockets that constantly need oiling must also be taken into account plus the fact that you have to be learned in the art of motorcycle riding.
Overall, the cost of owning a two-wheeled chariot compared to a convertible really depends on how much you are willing to invest on it with your time, effort, knowledge and skills, easy riding, maintenance and servicing. But if you’re up to the challenge, then by all means, give it a go.