Inventory supplies versus instant orders

Many companies struggle to decide whether they will stock up on replacement spares or get the same from suppliers. This can affect inventory costs and resource management as well. There are certain factors that a company needs to consider and weigh carefully before they come to such a decision.

Nature of operationsMany companies have an assembly line production processes. In such factory setup, machines need to be working all the time, often 24/7. In such cases, maintenance and repairs need to be scheduled in phases so that production as a whole does not get interrupted. For such reasons caterpillar engine parts or any other spare parts are often kept in supply with expert mechanics and technicians as part of internal departments and processes. However, in case production processes are of a different nature where equipment can be replaced or repaired with time, it could be more hassle free to get in touch with a reliable supplier standing by.

Warehouse facilitiesWhen car engine parts in NZ need to be kept in stock, it usually requires warehousing facilities. For large inventory, warehouse facilities are created, especially in factories which operate in remote locations. In such cases, stocking up on spare parts is a necessity as parts; supplies cannot reach within a short span of time. For these reasons a company would need to invest in a secure and well maintained warehouse facility or other secure storage spaces within their premises. Many companies might also choose to outsource stock keeping with facilities that can provide the infrastructure for the same.

Lean functioning modeFor startups which need to operate with minimal costs, stocking up on spares might not be possible as it would require resources and additional cost for inventory control and upkeep. For such companies, it makes sense to tie up with a vendor who can provide reliable solutions. Nowadays, most spare parts producers have ready logistics solutions which can take care of problems like getting spares delivered on time or services like maintenance and repair. With prompt customer service and support from the right vendors it is possible for many companies to reduce costs related to spare parts management.

If you are in need of spare parts supplier for your company, it is easy to get started with online directories. You could shortlist suppliers based on the kind of items you need or registration and certification guidelines you require. It is possible to seek initial quotes online and set up appointments to shorten the lead time in selecting the right vendor.

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