Essential Safety Features Of Vehicles

We all travel on vehicles; be it public transport or private and are rightfully concerned about the safety of the vehicles we ride in. If we travel using public transport, there is little we can do about the safety of the vehicles as the maintaining is done by the owners and we have no say in the matter.

However, if you own an automobile, here are some essential safety features that are present in most present day vehicles you should know about in order to ensure maximum protection to yourself as well as other passengers travelling with you.


Seatbelts are the most well-known form of protection available in a vehicle and have been assisting in saving lives for far longer than we can imagine. Many improvements have been made the seatbelts over the years to improve the protection given by them but, still, not all injuries can be avoided by only wearing one. Moreover, you have to wear it properly to reap the maximum benefits.


As we all know, airbags provide a lot of protection in the event of a collusion to protect the travelers in the vehicle. However, airbags on their own may not be very useful in preventing injuries and, in some instances, they have also been cause of death of passengers.It is essential that you make sure that the airbags are functioning properly at the car service of Carrera Motors as it will otherwise be too late by the time you find out that they are not working. Ensure you take the vehicle to a reputed establishment to prevent ending up paying money for a careless inspection that will do nothing to improve the safety of the passengers.


Always take care to use the proper tires that are designed for the type of vehicle you are driving as using tires with wrong specifications can lead to undesirable circumstances and your vehicle may not behave as expected during an accident. Special attention should be given to the tire pressure and wheel alignment to maximize protection of the travellers and tires should be replaced before they are too worn out. No matter how sophisticated the braking system you have, the vehicle may not stop as desired and may skid if the tires are ragged resulting in accidents that could have easily been avoided.

Breaking systems

Antilock Breaking System (ABS) is a common and a very popular braking system that can improve the safety of the vehicle by allowing the driver to retain steering control while braking. This means that while breaking you can steer around the obstacle to avoid hitting it. However, ABS is not an automatic braking system and your vehicle will not stop automatically if you do not hit the brakes.If you want the vehicle to avoid a collision on its own, you need to have Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). This is available in many fairly new vehicles. AEB will alert the driver and, if the driver does not respond or is too late to respond, the vehicle will brake on its own.

As it can be seen, with the improvement of technology you have many features that will enhance the protection of a vehicle but you have to make sure that these features are well maintained to get the benefits they are designed to afford.

Importance Of A Windscreen To The Vehicle

Words cannot explain the love you carry in your heart for your vehicle. In fact, it is your baby. Sometimes, the extents to which you go for the best of your vehicle are unbelievable. Therefore, knowing what it needs and how to maintain it regularly, so that it is in the best shape possible is highly important. You may already be aware of the primary parts of your car. Yet, there are certain details hidden in each and every one of it. Below is a compilation of the important factors about the windscreen of your vehicle, which is what yo0u first see as you get in to your favourite car. 


Flexibility is most certainly an important factor in anyone’s life. In fact, it is even an important factor int he life of your car. This is why there is a windscreen present right in front of your eyes, just as you get in to it. This is called a flexibility sandwich. The polyvinyl inside the windscreen is known to be highly flexible, that even if you meet with an accident, and there may be cracks, you are highly unlikely to be damaged due to the flexibility sandwich in this part of the car.


If you contact a Christchurch Auto Glass Repair Specialist or perfect Car & Truck Windscreen Services, he/she will educate you on the importance of this for the protection of your car, as well as for you. As mentioned above, this particular part of the car has a flexibility sandwich which prevents you from facing any injuries during an accident, unless it is a major one. Not only that, it also protects your car from the forces of nature like wind, rain and sun. Therefore, the world ‘shield’ is most certainly not an overestimation.


A CHCH Auto glass specialist will advice you on how to maintain this part of the car without letting it be exposed to any type of damages. For instance, riding on rocky roads and by tree braches in speeds that the car cannot bear to hold may damage your windscreen as well. Therefore, keep in mind that you must drive with care for your car.


You may have considered a DIY (Do It Yourself) repair for your windshield. However, it is highly advisable hat you do not take this step, as none of the above primary features and uses of this part will be in function if you go ahead with such plans. Therefore, understanding the importance of this will be beneficial for the future of your car, as well as your wallet!