What You Need To Think Of In Storing Your RV?

Looking for a place to keep your newly-bought RV? One of the points that many buyers fail to think about is where they intend to store their caravan or motorhome. Generally, given the size of these vehicles, home storage tends to be difficult, if not downright impossible. But fear not – there are plenty of specialized sites providing storage options for you. That being said, you still need to be careful with your choices; here are some of the points you need to factor:

  • Are they accredited by a national association or the like? – the first you want to ascertain yourself of when looking for storage sites for your RV is whether the said sites are accredited by a national or similarly well-known and reputed association. This is usually something like the national association related to RVs, or RV storage sites, but it can differ from country to country. The fact that a storage site is backed up by a national association is in itself a good testament to their authenticity and reliability, and it should be the first thing you need to look for in a storage site.
    • What kind of facilities does the caravan storage site offer? – what you will probably look at next is exactly how the RVs are stored at the specific storage site. Most sites tend to have one or more of three main types of storage, them being open-air, sheltered and underground. Naturally, the former offers the least amount of protection from weather elements, but is obviously cheaper. The other two offer better protection from the weather at a greater price, with the underground storage facilities being the best option (and what you would like to opt for if you are looking at long-term storage plans). Visit this link http://swiftcaravanservices.com.au/caravan-storage/ for more info on caravan storage site Melbourne.
      • What are their terms of insurance? – insurance is yet another important factor, and there are two things to consider here. Firstly, whether the storage site itself comes with a specific insurance plan with regards to their services, and secondly, whether they require you to separately have your vehicle fully insured as well. As you know, the former is obviously a must, and it generally does not hurt to have your RV personally insured as well.
        • What extra amenities do they provide? – besides being a storage site, many of these sites also offer additional services, the most common of these being Melbourne caravan repairs, maintenance and washing services. It is obviously not something you need to look for if you are specifically looking at storage options, but it can often help to have such services nearby so as to be able to service your RV before you haul it away for your next getaway.
          • What kind of security do they provide? – and finally, make sure to also look at the security solutions they provide. Generally, theft is discouraged by the mere fact that the site is an accredited storage site, but there can be instances of theft in the past, and you should inquire into this. Ask how they exactly maintain their security, what kind of technology they make use of and whether human personnel also regularly patrols the site.